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Transitions Plan

The quality standards set forth in ExceleRate Illinois call for high quality care and learning programs to have and implement written transition plans for the children and families.  The purpose of these plans are to identify and outline activities and strategies that “facilitate the transition of children and  families into and out of classrooms, early learning environments, community services, and school settings including transition to kindergarten.”  (ExceleRate Gold Circle of Quality, Standard 2B). 

The Growing Place has long implemented a variety of strategies to successfully transition children and families transition through these life passages successfully and confidently.  This policy can be found in our Rick Management Plan, Personnel Policies and Benefits, and Parent Handbooks.  It is also available to the community/school stake holders here on our website.

Here are five types of key transitions that this policy will focus on:

  1. Transitions into our program;

  2. Transitions while enrolled;

  3. Transitions within the program day;

  4. Family transitions outside a program; and

  5. Transitions when leaving our program.

Please see below the summary of activities that The Growing Place does to help children and families navigate through these necessary transitions:

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