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Transitions While Enrolled

  1. Transition schedule: As we find your child is ready to transition from one classroom to the next; the following steps take place.

    • Parent/family is contacted for approval

    • Team meetings between previous teachers and perspective teachers to discuss readiness and expectations of new rooms.

    • Letter is sent to families outlining expectations of new room,  copy of schedule, etc.

    • Families are introduced to new staff.

    • A 3 day transition schedule takes place:  (Ex:  Day one:  Child visits for one hour.  Day two:  Child visits through naptime.  Day three:  child spends entire day in new room.

  2. Primary caregivers- each of our infant/toddler classroom participate in Primary Caregiving.  Teachers are assigned to a group of children are then considered their “primary caregivers.”  The teachers are responsible for care of the children, completing observations, developmental screening, and parent-teacher conferences.  This arrangement helps the teachers develop closer relationships with children and parents. 

  3. Community Services and Specialists- when children enrolled in our center have various special needs and need outside support or services (ex:  speech, occupational, developmental therapists); these specialists are invited into the center and are able to work with the children in their classroom or a private room.  The specialists are able to work closely with the families and teachers.  In addition, we receive monthly visits from our local R&R consultants:  A Social Worker, a nurse, a Quality Specialist, and an Infant/Toddler Specialist.  These professionals spend time in our classrooms observing and interacting with the children.  The children see them consistently and are comfortable with their visits.

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