Transitions into our center:

  1. Prospective family visits—families considering enrolling their children are invited to visit our center for a tour.  During this tour, families see our learning environment, meet the staff, learn of our approach to teaching and learning (our philosophy), and have an opportunity to have their questions answered. 

  2. Family paperwork—when a family choses to enroll, we provide the parents with several forms to complete.  One form specifically asks questions such as child’s interests, typical guidance approaches, family structure, health history, and much more.  The forms are then copied and discussed with the child’s future teacher as an aide in getting to know the children/families. 

  3. Parent Handbook—upon enrollment parents are provided with a comprehensive Parent Handbook.  The purpose of the handbook is to help the parent transition into the culture of the center with a clear understanding of how the center operates.

  4. Family Orientation—prior to enrollment, we host a mandatory orientation for incoming families.  During this orientation, we discuss in more detail, policies and practices, have further conversations about family’s beliefs and values, answer any remaining questions and allow for the children to stay for a visit/trial run.  The goal of this orientation is to help children and families feel comfortable and part of the Growing Place family and ease the child into their new environment.

  5. First day/welcome—teachers warmly welcome new families into our center with a well prepared learning environment and warm interactions.  Teachers help children who may have difficulty separating by speaking calmly to them, helping them get involved in an activity, singing to them, listening to them, etc.  Families also are encouraged to visit, call, or email to see how their child is doing.  During the first week, the teacher will call during nap time and let the family know how their child is doing.